Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cracker Barrel Find!!

I don't know where you like to shop at,
 but for me it's a little of this and a
 little of that. I have my favorites, of
course, and Cracker Barrel is
definitley one of them!!!

We all ate there a few weeks back
and naturally I browsed the store over.
I absolutely fell in Love with this shell
fountain and found it a must have for
our bathroom as it is done in sort of
a beach theme. I say sort of because
it also carries tons of my children's
accessories and as we all know they
come with everything but the kitchen
sink. What space isn't reserved for
 them though, is decorated in thier
(mostly J's, Easton is to small to
put his .02 in yet). 
choice of theme.

This shell fountain is gorgeous!!

Oh, and while I am in the bathroom,
I also had these towels monogrammed
for the kids like forever ago. They
turned out fantastic!!

and these are pictures that Bentley
Grey took of us on the beach when
 J was tee niny!!
She has grown so much....
I so miss those tiny feet!!


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